Mods have been moved!

Please go to the HoR Main Site, and the link for Prior Campaigns, to download the mods from Spirit of Bushido!


Blank players

Please do not put in blanks where player numbers are. Ask your players to register on the site before you report, so that you can put their information into the system. I cannot approve mods with blank spaces.

Player numbers

Please do not use player numbers that are not assigned to you. I have been nixing quite a few reports where the gm submits player numbers 1-4, which are the player numbers assigned to the admin staff. If your player number is not a four digit number, you have the wrong number. Your character number will be usually a single digit but nonadmin player numbers start at 1000, and are assigned by the computer on a basis of when you joined the game. Thank you

New Version (1.2)

•Players and Characters will now be refered to by numbers instead of names. This is to reduce errors and duplicated data.
•Player numbers can be found in the upper left corner, under the logo, as well as on the player management page. Character numbers will be on the character page.
•Certs can now be designed and awarded to players through the module manager.
•GMs can now request Truest Test certs on behalf of characters that they felt met a fitting end for a samurai.
•Password Reset and Forgotten password functions have been added. Note: the email with your new password may take a few mintues to get there.
•Cards with your name and ID number can be obtained on the player management page. These aren't required to play, just a fancy way to help remember your number.

Call for Reports

We've been getting a lot of requests without any reports lately, so apparently this needs to be explained:
•Only request a small number of modules at a time (1 to 4).
•Only request more after you submit reports for the ones you have.
•If you have a significant number of modules that you have not submitted a report for (greater than 50%), any further module requests will be denied.
We need these reports to help make Heroes Of Rokugan the wonderful experience that it is for everyone, so please submit reports for any modules that you've requested through this system. Thank you.

First round of upgrades/fixes (1.1)

•Corrected the handling of special characters in various text fields.
•Corrected several reporting questions.
•Added a 'View Reports' option that allows a GM to view any reports they've submitted (or that have been submitted on their behalf by an admin).
•'View Reports' also allows a GM to cancel a report if it has not yet been approved by an Admin.
•Cleaned up several display features and minor text errors.
•Alphabetized a lot of stuff.

We're live!

And it's about time, too. There are still likely a few minor bugs floating around the system. If you encounter something that doesn't seem right, or require help using the system, email Jason Cook at

Initial Release (1.0)

Okay guys, the module manager looks like it's good to go, as it's passed every test I've throw at it. But since I'm the one who designed it, that's to be expected. Now I need your help. Let's get some beta-testing done, and see if anything breaks. Any bugs, glitches, design issues, or anything that just looks off, let me know so we can fix it before we go live.